Race Course

The Race Course

The Corporate Triathlon Challenge Short Distance race distances are a tenth of the IRONMAN Triathlon and takes in a 380m swim, 18km cycle and a 4.2km run.

The Corporate Triathlon Challenge Long Distance race distances provide a longer triathlon experience over 760m swim, 36km cycle and a 7km run course.

For detailed information on the Relay Procedure, please consult the Athlete Info Guide.

Swim Course (Short Distance 380m / Long Distance 760m)

2020 Ctc Swim Course Map   Grey Maps

Download PDF Swim Course Map

The swim starts in a holding pen on Hobie Beach.
The 380m Short Distance swim is around two buoys in the Bay, in an ANTI-CLOCKWISE direction.
The 760m Long Distance swim is around four buoys in the Bay, in an ANTI-CLOCKWISE direction.
Once back on the beach, swimmers will go up the stairs, adjacent to the Pier, and follow swim exit chute towards Transition Entrance/Bike Team Holding Area.
Team Swimmers will not enter Transition after the chip handover to the Team Cyclist.

Bike Course (Short Distance 18km / Long Distance 36km)

2020 Ctc Bike & Overview Map   Grey Maps

Download PDF of Bike Course map

All cyclists must have their helmets fitted and clipped in before handling their bikes.
Push bike out of transition and mount bike once the mount line is crossed.
Turn left onto Marine Drive, cycling on the LEFT-HAND SIDE of the road. Keep going along Marine Drive in the direction of Noordhoek / Schoenmakerskop. After 9km you will reach the TURN-AROUND POINT. Turn around the orange beacon clock-wise and head back towards Hobie Beach, again keeping to the left of the road.
From here Short Distance athletes will dismount before the dismount line and push their bikes into transition to rack their bikes where they were racked earlier.
Long Distance athletes will make a U turn on Marine Drive in front of the Beach Hotel and return to the turn around point for a second lap. On completion of the second lap of 18km, athletes will dismount before the dismount line and push their bikes into transition to rack their bike where they were racked earlier racked it.
The route is mostly flat and gently undulating. There is the possibility of a wind blowing. Air temperature can vary between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius on the day. This is a draft-legal race : Triathlon bikes are permitted, provided that you are on your tri-bars ONLY if you are leading a bunch or solo.

Run Course (Short Distance 4.2km / Long Distance 7km) 

2020 Ctc Run Course Map   Grey Maps

Download PDF of Run Course map

The run starts on the Blue Water Café side of Transition where the team holding pen is located.
The 4.2km Short Distance run course consists of one lap, in a CLOCKWISE direction and the 7km Long Distance two laps of the same course.
From the exit of transition athletes will run along Marine Drive towards McArthur Baths. Opposite Brooke’s Hill Pavilion athletes will run onto the promenade and right past the McArthur Baths to the King’s Beach Parking Lot, sticking to the left of the path way. They will do a clock wise lap of the perimeter of the King’s Beach Car Park where they will pass the run aid station. From here they will run though the King’s Beach Park past McArthur Baths and along the sea side of promenade all the way past the Barneys and KFC, the Transition and onto the Finish Chute.